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Your Wholesale Business Needs a Wholesale Supplier, But How Do You Get One?

If you want to open up an eCommerce business and start wholesaling, then you’re in the right place. It’s usually hard to start a business from scratch, especially when you don’t have any knowledge regarding wholesale, and eCommerce in general. That’s why we want to help you, and show what you can do to have a cut-throat wholesale business on platforms like Amazon, eBay and Walmart! We’re here to make sure that your investment is well worth it!

Let’s make things clear, if you want to start your wholesale business, you should at first have inventory that you’re eventually going to sell. If you do need inventory, you’re going to source products from certain wholesale suppliers; otherwise, you’ll have nothing to sell! But do you know where to find the right supplier for the best wholesale business that you can have? If not, continue reading, we’ll give you some tips!

Google It, as Always!

This is the most obvious option that people choose, because why not? First of all, it’s pretty easy! You just write the stuff you’re searching for, and after a couple of seconds, Google will give all the information it has on a silver platter! However, we must say that there are tons of good wholesale suppliers that don’t focus on marketing, and therefore, don’t appear in the first 10 search results. So be patient, you’ll find a good supplier for sure!

Contact Manufacturers!

This is a good method to find a wholesale distributor, and often, the most reliable one. You see, when you contact a manufacturer and ask for the list of their wholesale suppliers, they give you a catalogue of authorized and official suppliers that are working with them. But here’s the thing, you’ll have to prove that you’re a legitimate and lawful seller who wants to sell their products, and nothing more. If they believe you, you’ll have the list of suppliers very soon! other This way, you will find a good and trustworthy supplier, and what’s more, you won’t have problems in the future, luckily!

LinkedIn Can Help!

Another online platform that can really help is LinkedIn. This platform helps businesses (for example, wholesale suppliers) create their professional identity, and find companies to work with! Just go in, type the keywords (e.g. supplier; wholesale supplier), and start analyzing the results, you’ll find a perfect wholesale supplier very soon!

Participate in Tradeshows!

A tradeshow is a kind of exhibition of suppliers where you can meet different wholesale suppliers, negotiate with them, come to an agreement, and start working with them. There are many websites where you can go and check for tradeshows near you, and we must say, they happen quite often!

We know that it’s hard for you to start a wholesale business from zero, and taking that into account Jerome Basilio decided to create a wholesale management service that can help you find suppliers, order products, manage the inventory, and finally make big money! So, if you’re ready for the ecommerce game, contact us and we will show you how true professionals work!


Jerome Basilio