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Our Market Validation service is designed to enhance the success rate of your product launch on Amazon by implementing a comprehensive filtering process and assessing market potential. Our experienced team meticulously filters products based on various criteria, including market revenue, product variations, ingredients, formulation, flavor, and more. We also evaluate brand dominance by analyzing top sellers and assessing the cost of marketing, such as CPC (cost per click) rates. By rigorously assessing these factors, we significantly increase the success rate of your product launch by 70-80%. In today's highly competitive Amazon landscape, conducting a thorough market validation is essential, and our dedicated team ensures that your product development phase is based on solid market research, giving you a competitive edge and maximizing your chances of success.


Our Market Validation service is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your product launch on Amazon. With the ever-increasing saturation of the marketplace, conducting thorough market research and analysis has become imperative. Our dedicated team specializes in filtering products based on market revenue, carefully considering factors such as ingredient quality, product variations (size, weight, formulation, flavor), and other relevant criteria.

In addition to filtering products, we focus on assessing brand dominance within specific product lines. By analyzing the performance of top sellers and evaluating the cost of marketing through metrics like CPC (cost per click), we gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape. This comprehensive approach allows us to identify potential market gaps, emerging trends, and competitive advantages, ultimately increasing your chances of a successful product launch.

By conducting a strict market validation process before entering the product development phase, we significantly enhance your product launch success rate. Our expertise and attention to detail enable us to guide you in making informed decisions, optimizing your product offering, and positioning your brand effectively in the market. With our comprehensive market validation services, you can navigate the highly competitive Amazon marketplace with confidence, ensuring that your product stands out and captures the attention of your target audience.

Market Research and Analysis

Our Market Validation service is designed to filter and validate potential products for launch on Amazon, increasing the chances of success. Through comprehensive product analysis, competitor research, and profitability assessment, we help identify lucrative opportunities and develop effective market entry strategies. With our expertise in target audience research, risk assessment, and ongoing market monitoring, we ensure that your product is positioned for long-term profitability in a competitive landscape.

Product Filtering Assessing market revenue, ingredient quality, product variations, and other criteria to filter and identify promising product opportunities.

Brand Dominance Analysis Evaluating top sellers, cost of marketing, and competitive landscape to determine brand dominance within specific product lines.

Comprehensive Product Analysis Conducting a detailed examination of market trends, customer demand, and competitor strategies to identify lucrative product opportunities.

Other Assessments

We conduct comprehensive market research and analysis to identify trends, consumer preferences, and market gaps, providing valuable insights for successful product development.

Risk Assessment Conducting a thorough risk analysis to identify potential challenges, obstacles, and market risks that could impact the success of your product launch.

Competitive Advantage Identification Identifying unique selling points, product differentiators, and competitive advantages to position your brand ahead of competitors in the market.

Profitability Assessment Evaluating potential profit margins, production costs, and pricing strategies to ensure optimal financial viability for your product.


We need key product details, such as descriptions, sizes, variations, colors, ingredients, and categories, to identify the most promising product lines for your lucrative launch. We would require that you provide us catalogs provided by your manufacturers that you're working with in order to do our job. Join our subscription model for continuous access to our expert team, who will source profitable products based on the catalog data provided by your trusted suppliers. Together, we'll ensure your journey towards market domination is powered by informed decisions and strategic product selection.

Required Datapoints To proceed with our Market Validation service, we require the client to provide comprehensive catalog spreadsheets containing essential product information such as product descriptions, sizes, variations, colors, ingredients, and product categories. By analyzing this data, we can identify similar products in the Amazon market and determine which product lines hold the highest potential for successful product launches.

Based out of Your Funding Capacity It is important for the client to have sufficient funding capacity for the product launch and subsequent operations. We reccomend funding allows for effective marketing, inventory management, and other operational costs to ensure a successful product launch and sustainable growth in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Market Validation Subscription Option for Professionals We offer a subscription model that provides ongoing support to our clients. With a dedicated team of professionally trained staff, we continuously search for profitable products based on the catalog spreadsheets provided by the client’s suppliers. This subscription model enables our clients to stay ahead of the market trends, capitalize on lucrative opportunities, and maximize their chances of long-term success on Amazon.


1. What type of catalog spreadsheets do I need to provide for the Market Validation service?

We require catalog spreadsheets that include essential product information such as product descriptions, sizes, variations, colors, ingredients, and product categories. These spreadsheets help us analyze the market and identify the most promising product lines for successful launches.

2. Is there a minimum funding requirement for the product launch and operations?

Yes, we recommend a minimum budget of  up to 5k Monthly commitment to scale per product per month. This budget ensures that you have sufficient funds for effective marketing, inventory management, and other operational costs to achieve a successful launch and sustain your business on Amazon.

3. Can you guarantee the success of my product launch with the Market Validation service?

While we employ rigorous market analysis and criteria assessment to increase the success rate of product launches, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Market dynamics and factors beyond our control can influence product performance. However, our thorough validation process significantly enhances the chances of a successful launch and helps mitigate risks.

4. How long does the Market Validation process typically take?

The duration of the Market Validation process can vary depending on the complexity of the product line and the market research involved. On average, it can take between two to four weeks to complete the analysis, filtering, and assessment stages. We strive to provide timely and accurate insights to ensure a well-informed decision-making process for your product launch.

5. Do you offer ongoing support after the product launch?

Yes, we offer additional services beyond the Market Validation process. Our team can provide ongoing support in areas such as marketing strategies, listing optimization, inventory management, and overall business growth on Amazon and much more. Visit our other services to help build & scale your company. We understand that success on the platform is an ongoing endeavor, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve long-term profitability.



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