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While paid advertisement provides highly targeted and quick traffic, it doesn’t come without shortcomings such as high cost and short term performance. The moment you stop paying for ads, they stop running immediately. This is where SEO comes in.


The goal of SEO is to maximize your visibility organically and get potential customers to see your listings when they are performing searches in Amazon’s search bar. Get to know the basic tactics

Keyword Research: The most fundamental task of any SEO is Keyword Research. This helps us to identify relevant keywords with high volume that have the right amount of competition for us to focus our efforts. These keywords would then be placed at the right places on your page to incorporate them into your listings.

Compelling Titles: Your Titles are like your elevator pitch. You have only a few seconds to leave a lasting first impression for your prospects to be engaged and to continue reading further. Just like having a poor elevator pitch, having a poor title sets you up for an uphill battle and poses a major risk that the consumers will quickly switch to your competitors listings. Remember: you can’t make a second first impression. You only have one opportunity to do so.

Enticing Product Descriptions: Your product description needs to be precise, brief but provide enough information for the consumer to think “This is exactly what I’m looking for” in the shortest amount of time possible.

Bullet Points: Just like when you’re reading a presentation, your Bullet Points provide a quick summary of your product’s best features, benefits, advantages, and why the consumer should choose your product. This is more detailed than your title but it is still meant to be a summary to quickly communicate your product’s value-added to the consumer.

Captivating Product Images: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is certainly true when it comes to your Amazon listings. Our goal is to provide visually appealing images that both help you rank for your keywords and draw your customers to the “Add to Cart” button as quickly as possible.

Backend Keywords: In addition to the basic keywords, we also strategically place Backend Keywords to boost your visibility organically and provide you with the maximum opportunity to create organic reach. This helps us to provide extra keywords without “overloading” the consumer with information.


Fundamentally, SEO has one aim: to provide the user with search results that they intended to have. Therefore, intention is key. First, the webpages have to be “indexed” which basically means registering them in the search engine’s database and recognizing their existence. Next, the algorithm analyzes your content and assigns it a value. This is why it is important to have the highest quality of writing on your listings. The algorithm determines which results are relevant for what searches. When a user searches a term, the pages start competing for relevance and the algorithm decides which page is most relevant to the user’s search intent. Our goal is to optimize every aspect of your listing so that you can be seen as relevant for the search terms that we are competing for, and to show your search results on top of your competitors. This maximizes the chance that the user will click on your listing instead of your competitors, which ultimately gives you traffic. SEO is one of the most valuable and challenging skill sets because it requires a deep understanding of the search engine’s algorithm, which is complicated by the fact that it changes on a regular basis. No, one size does not fit all. People tend to think of SEO as a general skill set but Google SEO skills do not translate to Amazon SEO skills. Each algorithm is unique and uses different parameters to determine search results. When done right, SEO can achieve incredible results even for small brands, which do not even come close to having the type of advertisement budget that the bigger brands have. By leveraging our decade of experience and expertise, we can place your search results in front of your competitor’s and provide you with the brand presence that you deserve.


Leaving your SEO to chance is like shooting yourself in the foot. Unfortunately, this is where over 80% of Amazon listings end up. It’s hard to blame them because becoming an Amazon SEO specialist is a craft that takes years to master. This is where we come into play. We have already made all the “trials and errors”, brought ex-Amazon workers to your disposal, and hired the top Amazon SEO consultants in the industry so that we can amaze you with our results. We have paved the way for you and you can enjoy the benefits of our SEO service.


Organic Traffic:

  • Significantly lower cost compared to Paid Advertisement.
  • Cost of services remains relatively flat regardless of reach.
  • Provides long-term results with high yield.
  • Conversions are enhanced as a byproduct of increased traffic.
  • Takes longer to see results compared to Paid Advertisement.
  • Less control of the traffic generated
  • Helps you to craft better Paid Advertisement campaigns.

Paid Advertising:

  • Provides almost immediate results by instantly boosting traffic and visibility
  • Gives you targeting and more control of the traffic generated
  • No fixed costs. The budget can be adjusted at your pace
  • Paid Advertisement will also have a positive impact on your SEO efforts.


As mentioned before, we have over a decade of experience in SEO. In fact, we are learning and adapting everyday both internally through experimentation and education, and externally by hiring the top Amazon SEO consultants in the industry. We SEO team is composed of ex-Amazon staff who worked in SEO for years and understand the internal mechanisms and workings of Amazon SEO, which you cannot learn by studying Amazon SEO from the outside. Above all, we are built with you in mind. We take an individual approach to each SEO campaign by understanding our clients deeply and taking into account any limitations you might have. Essentially, we design the perfect solution that fits you exactly.


1. Cost of SEO

We charge $375 per parent listing to optimize key elements like the title, bullets, and description for SEO. This comprehensive service includes extensive keyword research and professional copywriting tailored to your listing. Our Bundle Package is priced at $1000 for 10 ASINs.

2. Frequency of SEO

While the initial optimization provides significant SEO value, we recommend periodically reviewing and updating your keyword strategy to ensure its relevance. Evaluating your SEO every 3-6 months is generally recommended to maintain optimal performance.

3. Time Required for SEO

We collaborate with you to establish a monthly optimization schedule that aligns with your specific needs and goals. Typically, we deliver 5, 10, or 15 fully optimized listings per month, depending on your requirements.

4. Longevity of SEO Benefits

SEO on Amazon offers enduring benefits. With each sale, the relevance of your keywords is reinforced, contributing to sustained visibility and conversion rates. As long as your listing remains active and well-maintained (which we will assist you with), the benefits of SEO will continue to be realized long after the initial optimization.

5. Simultaneous SEO and Advertising

Running SEO and advertising concurrently is not only possible but recommended for maximizing reach and results. Combining these strategies enhances visibility and allows you to capitalize on both organic and paid avenues, unlocking the full potential of your Amazon presence.



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