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Getting your Amazon Seller Account suspended isn’t just a major inconvenience and a headache. It can jeopardize your entire business, or worse yet - push you into a total financial collapse. If the foundations of your house are weak, it doesn’t matter what you build on top of it. In the same way, your account is constantly prone to suspensions and restrictions, which results in your funds being on hold. When Amazon holds your funds, you won’t be able to generate any sales or even use the funds from your past sales to pay off your bills. We are here to prevent this nightmare from ever occurring but if you have already ended up in this situation, we are here to get you out of it as soon as possible.


Account Health Analysis We conduct the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the current health of your seller account based on our decade of experience

Policy Compliance Check Amazon’s algorithm and policy changes for seller accounts are updated on an almost daily basis. In addition to domestic standards, there are also international standards that you have to comply with. Keeping up is a full-time job of its own. We will assess the current status of policy compliance for your products, listings, and overall account. 

Ongoing Monitoring We conduct 24/7 monitoring through our proprietary methodologies and technologies. In addition to technology, our monitoring includes manual reviews and checks through the lens of ex-Amazon employees who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience at your service. 

Proactive Solutions Once we have identified the triggers of your suspension and fixed them, your account will be reinstated. However, our goal isn’t to just get you reinstated one time. We will devise an action plan and strategy to proactively prevent future suspensions from occuring in the first place. 

Tailored appeals One size does not fit all. Each appeal is custom-tailored and unique for every case to maximize your chances of reinstatement in the shortest amount of time possible.   


e primarily cater to Wholesale and Private Label business models. We take dropshipping business suspensions on a case by case basis. There might be other limitations in place and the best way to find out is to contact us.

Our Coverage Does Not Extend To Online Arbitrage Dropshipping or Retail Arbitrage (2 Step Dropshipping) as these business models knowingly violate Amazon’s policies. Such practices are forbidden by Amazon’s terms of service and often result in recurring suspensions and, in some cases, complete account terminations. Please be aware that Amazon intentionally prolongs the reinstatement process for businesses that engage in deliberate policy violations and exhibit malicious behaviors that harm the reputation of the marketplace.

Time Lines During Suspensions Please note that nobody, including our company, is able to provide a definitive timeline for reinstating accounts. Red flags should be raised immediately If any service provider guarantees reinstatement or gives a definite date for reinstatements. What we do is conduct a comprehensive account analysis, meticulously addressing any underlying issues, and taking the necessary steps to reinstate your account. Each case varies in duration and we will inform you about the updates on the case and our take throughout the process.


We are proud to be the only service provider in the market that emphasizes prevention. Our business model is designed in a way that aligns with the interests of our clients. We will work on preventing suspensions from happening in the first place.

Suspension Prevention Everyone knows that health checkups and lifestyle changes are on average 1000 times less costly than hospital emergency service interventions. That’s the perspective that we have in mind when we approach the health and well-being of your account. 

Suspension under AHM If you do get suspended under our program, we will cover your suspensions for FREE (restrictions apply). Amazon operates on its Neural Network called Project Zero. The system is still in its learning phase and occasionally makes mistakes. Even if you do everything right as a seller, Amazon’s algorithm can still flag your account and suspend it. This is why being under our Account Health Maintenance program is the most powerful defense tool available on the market.


1. What subscription plans do you offer for Account Health Maintenance (AHM)?

We provide different tiers for our Account Health Maintenance plans, each based on the number of listings monitored on your account. Our plans include:

Bronze: Monitors up to 100 listings
Silver: Monitors up to 200 listings
Gold: Monitors up to 500 listings
Titanium: Monitors up to 1,000 listings

If your seller account exceeds the maximum number of listings covered by our standard plans, we offer the option of dedicated staffing specifically assigned to your company. This team will provide personalized assistance with your day-to-day operations, ensuring that your business receives the attention and support it needs to thrive.

2. What are the differences between subscription plan?

Our Bronze and Silver plans are designed to assist with policy compliance issues and handle the majority of suspensions. However, it’s important to note that these plans do not cover intellectual property (IP) complaints.

For the Gold and Titanium plans, we continue to provide support with policy compliance issues and handle the majority of suspensions. Additionally, these plans offer reimbursement coverage. In the event of successful reimbursement, we charge a 20% fee based on the recovered amount. This covers scenarios such as reconciling lost inventory, addressing Amazon’s overcharges on fees, and other applicable situations.

3. What is the process for handling intellectual property (IP) complaints when I am subscribed to the Account Health Maintenance (AHM) service?

In instances where you receive an intellectual property (IP) complaint from brand owners, we offer the support of our experienced lawyers. They will engage in negotiations with the opposing party to seek a retraction or explore the possibility of escalating the matter to court if necessary.

If your lawyer provides us with the required legal documentation, we will initiate an appeal on your behalf to have the IP complaint removed. Our fee for handling each brand complaint in this manner is only $500 USD.

We understand the importance of addressing IP complaints effectively, and our legal team is dedicated to providing the necessary expertise and assistance to resolve such issues.

4. Which types of suspensions are covered under the Account Health Maintenance (AHM) service?

The Account Health Maintenance (AHM) service covers a range of suspensions, including Listing & Detail Page Discrepancies, Sale of Prohibited Products, Item Condition Complaints, Order Defect Rate, Verification Suspension, Sales Velocity Review, Funds Release, Expired Items, and Fair Pricing Policy. For cases involving Products Came From Authorized Supply Chain or Letters of Authorization Provided by Brand Owners, we can provide coverage for inauthentic claims suspensions.

Please be aware that the AHM plan specifically excludes coverage for suspensions related to inauthentic and counterfeit claims when products are purchased from sources such as Shelf Out, Close Out, Liquidation, or from retailers, regardless of whether the products were purchased online or in person. In such cases, regardless of who repackages the products, these scenarios are not covered under the AHM plan.

In terms of IP complaints, Trademark, and Patent issues, they are outside the scope of AHM. In such cases, you will need a legal representative who can communicate with the other party on your behalf.

Regarding linked accounts, please note that if a seller creates a new account using the same information, such as address, name, phone number, or other data identifiers, it falls outside the coverage of the AHM service. In such cases, both stores will need to be submitted through Got Suspended? (Our Specialized Team for Suspensions). However, to support you during this process, we offer a 50% discount on the suspension fees for both accounts.

Please note that these are general guidelines, and for more specific information regarding the coverage under AHM, we recommend contacting our team directly for a detailed assessment of your situation.

5. How can I subscribe to the Account Health Maintenance (AHM) service?

To subscribe through AHM, the process begins by scheduling a call with one of our representatives. During this call, we will evaluate your business and gain a better understanding of your operations. This assessment allows us to determine the necessary resources for establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Typically, we create a dedicated team specifically for your company. To proceed with this arrangement, we require a one-year contract agreement. Once the contract is signed, we will provide you with a link to our subscription page for setting up your subscription.

After subscribing, we will onboard you to our partner portal, where our staff will communicate with you directly. Rest assured, all interactions are recorded for reference. Additionally, we provide weekly reports detailing the progress and actions taken for your store.

Our aim is to ensure transparency and effective communication throughout our partnership. By following this streamlined process, we can provide the dedicated support and assistance needed for the success of your business.



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