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Rights of Amazon Sellers: Believe It or Not, They Exist!

Just like it is said in legal theory, there’s always a responsibility to every right. For example, if you have the right of education, the country should take measures to make sure you can use that right. The same thing happens in eCommerce and the world of business, where you have certain rights and you can defend them if you know the rules!

Are you an Amazon seller? Well, then you also have rights about which you probably didn’t even know!

In fact, Amazon doesn’t talk directly about rights that you have. However, you can understand a lot about your rights (and of course, responsibilities) from Amazon’s policies and guidelines. Today, in this very article you will understand what you can and what Amazon does to make sure you enjoy your selling career.

The Right to Contact Customers

Though it’s clear that sellers should communicate with customers to make sure the order arrived safely, it’s not easy to do that! According to Amazon, you are allowed to send permitted messages to customers who already contacted you. This can happen in cases when customers get in touch with you with their questions and inquiries regarding their purchase or maybe refund. However, this means that there are certain cases when you’re not allowed to contact your customers at all!  To know more about those cases, visit the following link.

The Right to Operate Two Stores on Amazon

Beyond any reasonable doubt, you can’t two accounts on Amazon. However, even this right is not absolute. As it is mentioned in one of Amazon’s policies, the platform expects you to maintain only one seller account for each region in which you sell. But how is having two accounts possible in that case?

Technically, you have the right to own two accounts on Amazon. However, this will be possible in several cases: when you own multiple brands, maintain separate businesses for each, manufacture products for two distinct and separate companies, and when you are recruited for an Amazon program that requires separate accounts. To get more info, read Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct.

The Right to Monitor Your Seller Account

Yes, if you are a seller on Amazon, you have the right to monitor your account and have the chance to identify potential errors and mistakes just when they happen.

As we said, there’s always a responsibility to every right, which means that Amazon also should do something to provide you with the opportunity to use this right and make the best out of it. For this, Amazon has created the Account Health section, where sellers can observe all the metrics that are important for Amazon; understand where they are at, and what they should do to improve their performance.

According to Amazon, this page “provides you with visibility into your seller account’s adherence to the targets for various product policies.” So, if you want to use your right and avoid having problems with Amazon, you can visit your account health anytime!

The Right to Choose and Price Your Products

If you chose Amazon as the marketplace for your products, then of course, you have the right to choose your products. You will be the one who chooses the supplier or brand to source the products, the delivery system, selling models and so forth. However, there’s a minor issue you should know about: Amazon allows only authentic products which are sourced directly from authorized sources. So, if you’re willing to sell some counterfeits, you will see how Amazon reacts! Spoiler alert: you risk losing your account!

One more thing: you are allowed to price your products on your own, by taking into account the money you spend and the money you expect to earn. However, Amazon says that if the pricing harms customer trust, it will take measures in order to stop you from the wrongdoings: “Amazon can remove the Buy Box, remove the offer, suspend the ship option”, or, in serious or repeated cases, suspend or terminate selling privileges.


Even though you have certain rights as a seller, you still shouldn’t think of them as something absolute or unconditional. It’s quite the opposite… Amazon has many conditions that you should follow in order to use your rights and make profits. If you need more information on this, or want to boost up your business with the help of our Amazon management and FBA inventory management services, then give us a call!

Jerome Basilio