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Guide to Selling Sports & Outdoors Products on Amazon

Welcome to Basilio Inc. Guide to Selling Sports & Outdoors Products on Amazon. If you’re thinking about starting up your own business as an Amazon seller, stick around, because you’ve come to the right place. 

Basilio Inc’s data reveals the remarkable surge in growth within the Sports & Outdoors category, with an astounding 80% year-over-year increase in Amazon sales. As consumers adapted to new lifestyles, home fitness and outdoor activities became the norm, reshaping consumer behavior indefinitely. Our book explores the changing habits of consumers, the rise of at-home fitness providers, and the thriving community of outdoor enthusiasts turning to Amazon for their adventure gear needs.

Chapter 6 – Leverage Our Experience & Grow Your Brand Today

The Sports & Outdoors category experienced unprecedented growth in 2020, but the vast Amazon landscape still holds untapped potential for ambitious brands. Embracing Amazon as a primary sales channel and seamlessly integrating it into your overall brand strategy can unlock tremendous opportunities and expand market share. As the ecommerce industry continues its upward trajectory, establishing a robust presence on Amazon positions your brand to not only survive but thrive alongside this digital revolution.

At Basilio Inc, we have a proven track record of guiding Sports & Fitness and Outdoor Recreation brands to flourish on Amazon and beyond. Hailing from the picturesque Pacific Northwest, our team shares a profound passion for health and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature. We channel this enthusiasm and expertise into every collaboration, ensuring your brand is well-equipped to navigate the competitive landscape and achieve unprecedented success.

Within the following pages, you’ll discover how our expert team has optimized and propelled other brands in this dynamic space. From strategic keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) to data-driven campaign management, we leave no stone unturned in crafting tailored solutions for each brand’s unique needs. If you’re curious about the boundless possibilities we can create for your brand, don’t hesitate to connect with us at