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Each one-on-one session is personally delivered by Jerome Basilio and is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for expansion. Jerome Basilio then creates an action plan to maximize and harness those areas for business growth. By using Jerome Basilio’s unique approach to business, proprietary strategies, tools and tactics you will be able to streamline, innovate and maximize your business’s full potential.


A powerful action plan built specifically for your business, personal life and finances.


Insightful truth about what has to, and must change to reach new levels of success.


Spot areas of development and create initiatives to quickly realize outcomes.


Establish a unifying and over-arching success framework for your life.


-Making money during Covid and my ecommerce business pays the bills!

Well it’s a struggle to start any business especially during Covid, but luckily I found Jerome and his team to help build my Amazon store. We have a rough start but we’re finally able to make some money. If you want a reliable team who will help guide you and teach you along the way Jerome’s team will be your team.

-You're going to learn a ton and get a lot of his phone sessions.

I booked a consultation call with Jerome Basilio several times. Everytime we have a call I felt like I was being drowned with information and I must honestly say…. If you aren’t prepared for his long lecture you will miss out on a lot of nuggets. Every call was well worth it & I felt my business was making strides after each and every call. Truly one of the best in the industry.

-Mentorship program was fire & still applying what I've learned from Jerome's lessons

Jerome Basilio is very helpful and gives you a lot of knowledge that you need to test, adapt, and execute but he gives you a direct step by step process to learn from. What’s especially important for me was how available he was to people who want mentorship. I’ve spent money on other mentors but he was one of the first ones that cared about my success. I don’t think I’ll be where I am at in my business without him. Highly recommend getting into his mentorship program if it’s still available.

-Long story short Jerome Basilio helped my business survive and thrive

I paid for an automation company to run my business and ended up getting scammed and got suspended. After digging around I met Jerome Basilio and his team was able to get my store unsuspended from a dropshipping suspension, apparently the company who ran my business was using fake tracking and got my account with fraud. Crazy!!!! If anyone was more than qualified to run my business why not give a chance to the ones who was able to get me out of that hell hole. Fast forward my business is generating a decent income, nothing spectacular but still life changing where you don’t have to stress out about your daily needs. Thanks Basilio inc!

-The Legend among professional sellers

Jerome Basilio is an absolute animal when it comes to selling in Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. He will show you some of his stores during our consultations and he shows in real time some of the tactics his company does for his clients. When spots are available I’m ready and willing to work on his management program.

-Issues with Amazon but Jerome's team made it easy whenever issues arise

I started working with Jerome’s company 2 years ago and we’re doing well on our business. The onboarding process was extremely tedious but their team was able to handle the majority of the process. Sometimes I have issues with my bank wiring out or paying for the advertisement section on Amazon but I know that’s outside of his control. We are making 18k per month on our business on average and I hope this business continues to grow.

-Everyone in Basilio Inc will treat you like family, success takes time so be patient

Love waking up to sounds of sales on my Amazon app, just kinda slow in the beginning but it’s solid business and I know Jerome’s team is working hard to make sure we have strong foundations. No perfect business model but Basilio Inc makes the ecommerce business easy! I’m making a generous 22k per month and almost ready to sell my business!

-The company spends a great deal improving themselves and the business is growing

What I would say is that Jerome’s team is extremely reliable and they give a ton of updates on what they are doing on their end. They work relentlessly for your business and I know we had a rough start but overtime the business became easy as his team got bigger. We can definitely see the changes and the progress from their growth. We are making a 13.3k profit per month and I know they are getting better as a management company.

-They help teach you along the way and they are very nice

Basilio Inc has some of the best team around, they are very caring and spend a lot of time teaching how the business works. They're made the business as easy as it can be and thankfully they are handling the work in my store. I’m still in the beginning stages but I’m very hopeful this business will work out for me and my family.

-This is my first year and I think we are doing well.

Very affordable management service but they have really good staff and I keep seeing their team get better and better. If you want a company to build your company that is forward thinking and cares about your success this is the company who you should put your bets on. I’m making 7k per month and looking forward to seeing where this business will take me.

-He's not the Professor of Ecommerce for nothing

JB is not meant to be an introduction instructor if you are planning on learning the ecommerce business. I wish he takes a course about how he runs his business because whenever I talk to him, I just feel overwhelmed by the information he taught me, just a tad too much knowledge for one call. If you’re a professional you’ll definitely get a lot for a consultation whenever you talk to him.

-Best well kept secret and a gem to aspring ecommerce sellers

I’ve heard a lot of people at the stop always talking about him online but he wasn’t promoting on forums, or any other place. Jerome’s is like a hidden gem among the industry if you want to learn from an actual professional or someone who mastered the art of selling online. If you want to succeed you will want to take lessons, spend time with him, and learn from how he operates his business.

-I always go to Jerome for all my issues related to Amazon

One of the best instructors in Ecommerce, and someone you want on your side if you want to build a successful business on Amazon. Jerome Basilio has a ton of shortcuts and he doesn’t hide it either. He’s helped change my family’s life and now I can run my business from home without fearing suspensions or issues whenever it arises.

-Jerome Basilio cares about the people who he is working with.

Someone that cares about your wellbeing and success! Teaches without limiting his knowledge to anyone who wants to build an Ecommerce business.