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Welcome to Basilio Inc. ‘s Build. Grow. Exit Big: Your Guide to Selling on Amazon. If you’re contemplating launching your own business as an Amazon seller, stay with us, as we will cover all the vital aspects of building a successful and profitable business on Amazon.

It’s a general truth that Amazon is nowadays considered the world’s largest e-commerce platform. As of 2018, Amazon boasted $233 billion in revenue, with over 5 million third-party sellers operating across Amazon’s 12 worldwide marketplaces. There’s no doubt that setting up a business on Amazon can yield significant profits. However, if you truly aim to succeed on this platform, you should ensure that you are doing everything by the book.

This is precisely why our team, led by Jerome Basilio, has created this comprehensive guide. It will help you grasp every minor aspect required for building a successful business on Amazon.

Build. Grow. Exit Big: The Professional’s Guide To Selling On Amazon

Here’s a brief summary of what you will learn from our book:

The primary goal of this guide is to become the go-to reference for those intending to build a successful and profitable business on Amazon’s marketplace. Whether you are a new seller or have some experience in selling on Amazon, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive on Amazon’s platform.

With an impressive track record of 16 years in the Amazon sales arena and a robust background, we confidently recommend that you read this book from start to finish. We also highly recommend keeping a notepad or a note-taking app nearby to jot down all the essential takeaways.

Don’t worry if you don’t grasp everything on the first read—there’s a wealth of information to absorb, and you can always revisit this guide as a valuable resource.

In this convenient place, we have gathered all the essential information you need based on our experience as Amazon experts and sellers ourselves. Our aim was to create an invaluable reference tool that you will use repeatedly as you build your Amazon seller business.

Build. Grow. Exit Big: Your Guide to Selling on Amazon provides you with the guidance and expertise you need to navigate the intricacies of selling on Amazon. Whether you’re planning to launch your first product, optimize your listings, win the Buy Box, or scale your business to new heights, it’s time to start your exciting journey toward Amazon selling success!

Chapter 1 – The Opportunity on Amazon
Here, we lay the foundation by introducing essential terms and concepts that will maximize your understanding of the rest of the book. Then, we delve into the reasons why choosing Amazon as your selling platform can be a game-changer. Additionally, we explore the pros and cons of Amazon compared to other online marketplaces, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your selling strategy.

Chapter 2 – Becoming A Professional Seller
Once you’re ready to become an Amazon seller, Chapter 2 walks you through setting up your store and registering. Here, you discover the necessary steps to ensure a seamless onboarding experience and learn how to prepare your store to welcome customers effectively.

Chapter 3 – The Basics of Selling on Amazon
Launching an Amazon business can be quite complicated, regardless of your previous retail or online experience. In this chapter, we address crucial questions that arise during the first stages. Here, you explore the significance of a successful launch, understand your responsibilities as an Amazon seller, and make informed decisions about product selection, category gating, and listing strategies.

Chapter 4 – How to Use Amazon Seller Central
In Chapter 4, you will find a comprehensive overview of Seller Central. Here, we also uncover key reports and tools that enhance your selling journey and give you the chance to gain valuable insights into lesser-known features that can greatly benefit your business.

Chapter 5 – Understanding & Leveraging The Buy Box
The Buy Box holds immense importance in driving sales on Amazon. In Chapter 5, we dive deeper into understanding the Buy Box—what it is, how it functions, and effective strategies to increase your chances of winning it.

Chapter  6 – Buy Box Metrics Considerations
To achieve success as an Amazon seller, you must consistently source high-margin, fast-selling products. Whether you are developing your own product or considering branded goods, Chapter 6 will expertly guide you through the process of product research. Discover how to identify profitable sourcing opportunities and gain valuable insights into sourcing strategies.

Chapter 7 – Profit Hunter Strategies & Risk Management
Becoming an expert product source is a vital skill for any Amazon seller. In Chapter 7, we explore the fundamentals of advanced sourcing techniques. Discover how to establish and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, ensuring a steady supply of quality products for your business.

Chapter 8 – Finding & Building Relationships with Suppliers
Becoming an expert product source is a vital skill for any Amazon seller. In Chapter 8, we explore the fundamentals of advanced sourcing techniques. Discover how to establish and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, ensuring a steady supply of quality products for your business.

Chapter 9 – Amazon SEO & CRO
Driving traffic and optimizing conversions on your product pages are paramount factors for your success. Chapter 9 focuses on leveraging advertising tools and employing optimization strategies to increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Enhance your product listings to maximize visibility and attract more customers.

Chapter 10 – Inventory Management & Fulfillment
The right fulfillment methods and efficient order management are crucial for a successful Amazon business. This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the various fulfillment options available to sellers, as well as the logistics of customer returns.

Chapter 11 – Advanced Growth & Scaling Solutions
The purpose of Chapter 11 is to examine advanced marketing tools and tactics that can help you increase Amazon sales of your products. Learn how to maximize your marketing efforts and drive greater sales with Sponsored Product Ads, Gold Box Deals, Lightning Promotions, and Holiday Promotions.

Chapter 12 – Customer Support
The key to fostering a successful seller account is excellent communication and exceptional customer service. In Chapter 12, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your customers, manage their feedback, and resolve issues as soon as possible. Learn how to create positive brand experiences and build strong customer relationships.

Chapter 13  – Navigating Through Seller Support
provides valuable guidance on navigating Amazon’s Seller Support system. Discover how to maximize your interactions with the Seller Support team to address challenges and maximize support resources by filing support tickets effectively.

Chapter 14 – Preventing Suspensions with Account Health Maintenance
In order to maintain a healthy Amazon business, you must understand the factors affecting your seller performance. Chapter 14 explores potential pitfalls and offers strategies to avoid them. Discover how to manage your performance and recover from setbacks to ensure a thriving seller account.

Chapter 15 –  Amazon Accounting
Efficient accounting practices are essential for streamlining your business operations. The goal of Chapter 15 is to share the tips, tricks, and tactics used by successful Amazon sellers to simplify their accounting processes. Gain insights into managing financial records effectively and ensuring compliance with Amazon’s requirements.

Chapter 16 – Accounting Reports
Accurate reporting is essential for effective budgeting and management insights. Bonus Chapter 16 gives you an overview of the most important reports, including inventory, sales, and payment records. Find out how to use these tools to obtain valuable business information.

Chapter 17 –  Calculating Operating Cost & Profits
Making informed business decisions requires accurate profitability analysis. In Chapter 17, we discuss the importance of understanding your costs and calculating profits. Discover how to optimize inventory management, procurement strategies, and pricing to maximize your overall profitability.

Chapter 18 – Missed Opportunities
Reveals the most efficient ways to improve your Amazon business based on our extensive experience working with Amazon sellers. Explore seemingly small yet crucial factors that can significantly impact your Amazon business’s success. Avoid common mistakes and ensure your seller activities are at their best.

Chapter 19- Mastering the Financials of The Business
For sellers new to business, understanding accounting concepts is crucial. Bonus Chapter 19 offers a brief course in accounting, covering the three main types, the top ten dos and don’ts, and more. Enhance your financial knowledge and gain a solid grasp of budgeting basics.

Chapter 20 – Holiday Operations Details
The holiday shopping season is a critical period for most sellers. In Chapter 20, we provide expert guidance on preparing your business for this peak time. Discover essential steps to maximize your performance during the holiday rush and stay on top of daily tasks to ensure success from November to January.

Chapter 21 – Business Operations Checklist
In this guide, we’ve discussed the most important steps and methods for running a profitable Amazon business. Chapter 21 presents a comprehensive list of all these tasks, organized by frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and as needed. This makes it easy to keep track of your duties.

Chapter 22 – Loans, Scaling to Other Markets, When to Sell
As an Amazon seller, you need to pay attention to specific considerations when selling on Amazon. Bonus Chapter 22 discusses various topics, such as how to secure loans, expand to foreign markets, and leverage Amazon’s Brand Registry program to protect your intellectual property and brand equity.

Your Ultimate Resource

We strongly recommend reading this book cover to cover. To maximize your learning experience, keep a notepad or note-taking app nearby to capture essential takeaways. This guide, a culmination of our expertise as Amazon authorities and experienced sellers, serves as an enduring reference tool you can revisit as you build and grow your Amazon seller business.

So, as you embark on this enriching journey toward Amazon selling success, remember that Build. Grow. Exit Big: Your Guide to Selling on Amazon is your trusted companion. Welcome to the world of Amazon entrepreneurship, where we provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of selling on this dynamic platform.