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Automating Your Wholesale Business Toward Success: Let’s Get Started

As more and more people begin investing in both ecommerce and brick and mortal businesses, one topic has been going around the block over and over again:


You know automation is here to stay when even stirring a cup of coffee is almost automated today with self-stirring coffee mugs! Many people are looking for solutions that are the least time-consuming. Who would have thought all those years ago that businesses would expand so fast and automation would become something normal in our lives?

Well, that time is now!

Businesses, especially online businesses, are growing at a very rapid rate and automation comes to the rescue in many aspects, from inventory management to shipping, data analysis, and even marketing. This particularly holds true for those who own a wholesaling business.

When you operate a wholesaling business, you need a lot order to deal with each and every process, and the thousands of products you encounter. Things are not as simple as they used to be! They are even more hectic when you have an online business, like on Amazon! You want to make sure that you are doing everything the right way.

It’s time to automate your business!

Back in the old days, people would just hire a manager, put a team together, and begin running a business. It does not work like that anymore. Of course, there are still managers and teams who are the most integral part of running a business, but the good news is that now there are systems in place which can help them be more efficient in playing their part. Times changed, the system changes, and there is really not much you can do about it.

If you have a wholesale business, then you definitely need automation to help you with much of the work. Let’s take a look at how you can get things automated, and how we can help you achieve this!

Inventory Management

How can you even deal with all that inventory without automation?

We can help you expedite and automate this process by utilizing our automated inventory management system which we will tweak to fit your business. Talk about done for you services!

This is how it will help:

To put things simply, it will help you save time. Instead of manually entering inventory data, the system will count everything for you and it will do it in real time. Your manager or team can still double check the work to make sure the system functions properly.

You can also keep track for returned items, with full information as to why they were returned. You can even see the stock status of each item, and prevent out-of-stock problems, especially during high-order periods. The system will detect when you need a specific item to be replenished every month, and it will send an automated email to your supplier, asking for replenishment. Everything will be in check, and you will never lose money!

Here’s another area that our system will come in handy:

Data Analysis

Data is crucial to any business, especially wholesale. You need to keep good track of sales and other data, and make sure everything is entered correctly into the system. Someone might make a mistake, and all hell could break loose, which may lead to serious flaws within your business. Our system is designed to prevent that. Each item you sell will be removed from your inventory stock list, making data reading easy for the person in charge. That data will be checked every month!

Warehouse Automation

Almost every wholesale business deals with warehouses. You can either have your own, or you can work with third party warehouses who can take care of packing, prepping, and shipping your products instead of you.

Many high-tech warehouses, including the ones which we will provide for you, are arming themselves with automation services that care of moving the products and items they house. Imagine how much time you can save using warehouse automation! It’s a system like this that leads your business from being run-of-the-mill, to over the edge!

Not everyone looks at it the same way!

Whenever you wish to automate your business, you need to look at it from different perspectives. Figure out what the people in your business really need and how they think. Then tweak the software in a way that solves the problems for everyone in the company, from the manager to the person who handles marketing, and everyone else. You never know! Maybe someone thinks differently than you!

Not everyone can do this!

While many companies boast about offering automation services, not everyone has the infrastructure to make it happen. Since automation is a relatively new phenomenon, most people would just prefer to hire a manager or a large group of people to handle various aspects of their business. Investors of many business will do this, including real estate investors. In fact, some would even go as far as telling you not to use automated services!

However, we don’t! Let’s talk about how investing with our company can have your wholesale business completely automated and ready to go!

Personalized Automation

Every business has different needs, and operates on a different scale. Whether real estate, wholesale, or otherwise, not all forms of automation will work on all businesses.

Here, we personalize the system for you!

Being professionals in the wholesale business industry, we know fairly well what investors like you are looking for and we are ready to provide the means and infrastructure for you to grow. On top of all that, we will also handle the marketing side of things of your business. Minimal effort on your part, maximum result on ours! Could it get any better? Think about it!

Drop us a call today and let’s talk about getting your investment to skyrocket, with professionalism, and of course…automation!

Jerome Basilio