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Amazon FBA: Where, How, With Whom

As an FBA seller, you should be aware of the fact that product sourcing is one of the most vital decisions for Amazon sellers to make. Since the suppliers, chosen by you, are going to become your business partners in the future; therefore, you have to assume more responsibility for finding the best suppliers. That’s because by working with reliable suppliers, you can be sure that you are sourcing solely high-quality and genuine goods, which means you protect your business from any possible inauthentic issues with Amazon.

Not Every Source Is A Good Source

Unfortunately, the biggest part of Amazon sellers does not pay enough attention to their supply chains and prefer to work with suppliers from Alibaba. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that products coming from Alibaba are not genuine; however, whether you like it or not, Amazon doesn’t really like when its sellers source products from this website.

We cannot confidently say whether is it worth to source from Alibaba or not, but one thing is pretty clear.  One of five Amazon sellers source their goods from Alibaba, and the possibility of getting the same products is too high. In this case, you risk facing high competition.

Therefore, it is better to find other ways of sourcing your goods. Believe us, there are a huge number of trustworthy suppliers from whom you can source your goods, and be confident in their quality.

But Which Products?

However, before diving into this process, you have to decide which niche of products you are going to offer your customers. And here comes one of the most sophisticated pieces of the puzzle, since once you go wrong with this decision, you risk losing your money and damaging your business. Try to devote enough time in order to understand which product is going to be popular on Amazon and which is not. Once you solve this issue, you can start working on finding suppliers.

There are multiple channels through which you can find suppliers. Go on Google, search the product that you are going to sell on Amazon. Then, you should find brands or distributors who are offering the necessary products.

Time to Start Talking

Now, your main mission is to contact your future suppliers, and ask them to work with you. As practice shows, the biggest part of suppliers does not want to deal with Amazon sellers, and it is going to cost you a lot of effort to persuade them to cooperate with you.  As a rule, sellers prefer to email suppliers, while calling them can always be more productive in this case. Call them, introduce yourself, show your partner that you are the owner of a profitable business who is ready to spend lots of money on getting products in bulk.


Nowadays, there are a lot of services who are helping sellers find reliable suppliers from all corners of the world. Jerome Basilio’s team has great experience in working with the best suppliers. All the Amazon sellers who work with our team, are successfully running their business on Amazon while pocketing a lot profit!

Reach out to our team, and we will not only choose the right product for selling on Amazon, but also find trustworthy and reliable suppliers who will become the best business partners for you for many years. So, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you to build a successful FBA business on Amazon. Trust us, with our team, your investment is well-worth it!








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